Oil and Gas

Design Works Engineering & Inspections, is a dynamic and reliable engineering firm. We have a reputation of providing our clients with innovative engineering solutions in order to provide them with the best outcome. We understand our clients need for a flawless project. Therefore, throughout the project, we ensure all work completed is a collaboration.

We offer versatile services to our clients, one of which is oil and gas engineering. We present our clients with high quality oil and gas engineering solutions and ensure designs are cost efficient, environmentally sustainable and meet regulatory requirements.

Oil and gas engineering is one of the services that we are most proud of at Design Works. A large and growing part of our company is focused on the expansion of the oil and gas industry. Our dedicated and qualified staff will strive to exceed the needs of our clients by providing high quality work.

Our engineers possess all necessary safety certifications required to entre and work within the strict aspect of the industry. At Design Works, we pride ourselves on completing jobs in a timely function. We make it a priority to accommodate all clients with their strict schedules to meet their deadlines.

Our clients rely on us to provide them with unique ideas for their projects. We make sure that our clients are able to obtain how, when and what needs to be done on their working sites. We make sure that all the work done satisfies their needs and requirements. Whether a small design or a large project, we create dynamic designs.