Integrated Design Solution

As a leading supplier of building design services we assume a significant part in the conveyance of naturally dependable, high performance buildings. We offer our expert aptitudes as an incorporated offering including all parts of building service engineering, working in a closely knit coordinated team. Our services include architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering. Additionally we offer specialized services, for example, green building design, fire alarm design, lighting design and intelligent building system design.

Worldwide ability conveyed provincially and locally

We draw on our international expertise and ability to accomplish leading edge design solutions whilst conveying provincially and locally to guarantee consistency with provincial and local guidelines and codes. Our customers appreciate and value our creative thinking, phenomenal customer service, innovation and our resources for sophisticated design and analysis software and tools which play a vital role in every design. When possible we use advanced resource-efficient technologies such as water recycling and renewable energy to create environmentally friendly systems.

Designing buildings for the future and for the people

At Design Works we design buildings for the people whilst consulting closely with developers, owners and facility users to ensure we completely comprehend the purpose of every building. Along these lines we can produce sustainable and attractive environments which are safe, comfortable and healthy for the occupants of the space, cost less to run, simple to maintain, and finally meets the perquisites of today with the adaptability to adjust to changing future needs.​