Building Information Modeling

As an all in one engineering firm, BIM plays a vital role in our design process. By utilizing BIM, we are able to provide clients with up-to-date information in regards to the scope of the design, quantities, costs, as well as all the properties of building components that will be used. Through the use of BIM, our team is better equipped to make design decisions and collaborate with other disciplines to ensure there are no design errors.

At Design Works, using BIM has led to improved coordination of design drawings and documents. During the construction stage, we are able to improve our timelines to make changes through the use of BIM.

Not only does BIM help us with our designs, it helps provide clients with the ability to walk through their projects prior to construction.

We Offer multiple BIM services that include:

The electrical engineering department is a crucial aspect of our unified building and development services and spans a spectrum of electrical engineering services, including:


  • Exterior & Interior Views of Building
  • 3D Visualization
  • Floor Plans & Elevations
  • Construction Details
  • Building Sections


  • Mechanical Equipment Modeling
  • Detailed Mechanical Layouts with Dimensions and Elevations
  • Walk-Through Of Mechanical Project
  • HVAC Distribution Layout
  • Plumbing Distribution Layout
  • Specialized Piping Layouts (Medical, Gas, Etc.)
  • Energy Simulations


  • Lighting Systems
  • Wiring Systems
  • Cable Tray Systems
  • Walk-Through Of Electrical Project
  • Electrical Load Analysis
  • Rendering Of Lighting Layout
  • Power Distribution Systems


  • Structural Framing and Detailing
  • Collison and Clash detections
  • Structural Load Analysis