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    We provide tailored designs
    in a timely and cost-effective manner.
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    Accomplishing top quality all-in-one design
    is what we do best.
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    We are changing the landscape in North America
    and around the world.
DesignWorks exists to provide engineering services

Design Works exists to provide engineering services that are simultaneously:

  • Scalable. This means designing our firm for realistic pricing on small projects, and the expertise and manpower necessary for larger, complex jobs.
  • Integrated. Clients don’t need to hire separate firms for mechanical, structural, civil, and electrical engineering. We enable clients to invest in a relationship with our single firm for all projects.
  • Best in Class. Accomplishing all-in-one design without sacrificing expertise is what we do best. We have a proven dedication to applying innovation, in line with the highest standards of quality.
  • Affordable. Understanding the markets and giving value to our clients is critical. If our clients don’t have financial success, we don’t have success.

Recent Projects

The core of every business is their answer to one question: what problem do we exist to solve? We design the solutions people need while ensuring the final product will function as intended.

  • Warkentin Plaza

    Warkentin Plaza

    Grande Prairie, Alberta

    A multi-tenant building in Grande Prairie featuring offices and restaurants.

  • Baghdad Tower

    Baghdad Tower

    Baghdad, Iraq

    Comprised of a two story mall of high end stores and restaurants and two 20 storey residential towers. This will be the a land mark in an new area of Baghdad, Iraq.

  • Airport Intersection Development

    Airport Intersection Development

    Whitecourt, Alberta

    Complete with a hotel, vehicle wash, convenience store and gas station. This project is intended to provide the airport area most of the amenities required by travelers.

Why Design Works?

Balancing quality and cost is the oldest engineering problem in business.

Every new project represents a unique mix of smaller challenges. Each smaller challenge requires specific expertise which no single person is likely to have.

Keeping a variety of engineers, architects, and designers on staff ensures that the ideal solution is available in-house. However, that gets expensive quickly, which translates to increased fees for the customer.

We decided to take a different approach to solving that problem.

Instead of hiring internally to cover every combination of required expertise, we placed our focus on being a premier collaborative firm instead. We hire the best core engineers and pair them with specialist partners from our network. The result is optimal quality at a lower cost.

Our recipe is simple – it’s the execution that separates us.

Why Design Works?

What People Are Saying

Read what our clients have to say about their experiences with Design Works

Horizon North Manufacturing

Andy Muzio

Horizon North Manufacturing

Just wanted to extend the gratitude from myself and others to Design Works Engineering & Inspections Ltd. and how helpful you have been. Your quality in work and prompt deliverables has surpassed any other firms I’ve worked with and it has not gone unnoticed in the company.

Nordic System

Mike Barnes

Nordic System

They have great depth of experience in their fields. It’s incredibly helpful having a firm that can help with the different categories of engineering services all under one roof. They consistently turn-around projects and respond quickly. Fantastic partners.

Hiway Steel Structures Ltd.

Henry Fehr

Hiway Steel Structures Ltd.

Design Works did my site work and grading on my last building. Their engineering and surveying service was great and their 25 years of experience was so valuable.

Excellence is in the details

Our service revolves around maximizing quality while minimizing delays. Administrative delays make or break most projects. Being lean, we have a strong track-record of efficiently getting through the planning and contracting stages. Thanks to the strength of our partner network, we’re also able to guarantee an end solution that incorporates the latest research and best practices.


Civil Engineering (Municipal and Structural), Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Architectural Designs, 3D Renderings, Automation and Control, Transmission and Distribution, Oil and Gas.


Real Property Reports, Plot Plans, Grading Certificates, Topographical Surveys, Grading Plans, Subdivisions, Condominium Plans, Construction Surveys, As-Builts.


Pre-Purchase, Maintenance, Post-Failure, Field Reviews, Fire Alarm, Fire Investigations, Building Assessment Report, Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical Assessments.

Building Envelope

Investigations, Inspections, Assessments, Preparation of Specifications, Moisture Analyses, Waterproofing Services.